How to fix Cherry Mobile Flare S6 that won't charge

Charging issues are among the most common problems any smartphone owners encounter from time to time. Such is the issue with some of the Cherry Mobile Flare S6 owners I know. The problem is that out of the blue the phone won't respond when connected to its charger. Good thing Cherry Mobile phones will work with any third-party chargers so having a possibly busted charger won't really be a big problem.

Still, a phone should work properly without a hitch and that's the reason why I publish posts like this to help my fellow Filipinos fix problems with their phones without having to pay a technician for a problem that's not really that serious. I encountered this problem before so I know how to fix it provided that your phone hasn't been dropped or got wet because if that's the case, then it's a different problem and it's something you can nothing about except ask for assistance from a tech.

Here's what you need to do if your Cherry Mobile Flare S6 isn't charging anymore...
  1. First of all, open the back cover and then pull the battery out. 
  2. Check the battery, its compartment as well as the connectors if there is moisture.
  3. While the battery is not mounted, press and hold the power key for 30 seconds or a minute. This will drain stored electricity in the capacitors and refresh your phone's memory. 
  4. After making sure the battery and its connectors aren't wet, place it back in and make sure it's properly mounted in its place and then secure it with the back cover.
  5. While the device is still powered down, connect it to its charger to see if it charges this time or still not. I would also assume you already made sure the outlet you plug the charger into is working.
  6. If the phone is still not charging after this and it still has enough battery, turn it on and then connect it to a computer, laptop or another other charger. If it's not charging as well, use a different cable. 
After this and the phone is still not charging, then the USB Charger port may have a problem. Try to check if there are foreign objects in there that might be obstructing the connectors. If there's none, then it may need to be replaced. Needless to say, you will need help from a technician because it's a hardware problem already.

Here's the thing, even if a phone like the Cherry Mobile Flare S6 has a defective battery, it may not charge but it gets detected by a computer. You've already tried using a third-party cable and still the device neither charges or gets detected. Therefore, the're a problem with the port.

I hope that this short troubleshooting article can help you fix your Cherry Mobile Flare S6 or at least, shed some light to your questions. Good luck!


i've changed cables and thecable is overheating. is it a port problem already? and your post was helpful, tia.


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